UT Engineers Work on Improving Batteries

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A team of engineers here at UT is on the cutting edge of science, developing better batteries that are safer and more reliable.  The group is led by Joshua Sangoro, an assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the university.  Sangoro’s team is trying to change the design of traditional batteries, including the substances inside of them, in a way that will solve the problems that traditional lithium ion batteries pose.  The biggest of which being overheating, which leads to unwanted chemical reactions that can create hazardous situations involving poisonous gasses and fires.

We use so many things in our day to day lives that involve portable power in the form of batteries: cell phones, laptops, vehicles, airplanes, even children’s toys – they’re everywhere.  The work of Sangoro and his team will have an impact on the world and shape the way we think about power.  Their work will extend past powering personal devices, expanding the capabilities of anything needing a portable power source – including things like solar cells.  The National Science Foundation recently awarded the team a grant of $348,000 to continue their work.

Check out the article from Tennessee Today to learn more about this promising project!

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