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UT’s Parking and Transit implemented a new T bus route on Wednesday of last week (8/19/2015) to connect the campus community to Pellissippi State Community College’s Hardin Valley campus and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  In offering this new route, the university is taking steps to lessen the carbon footprint of the community – taking advantage of mass transit is a sustainable alternative to commuting by personal automobiles.

The route was created as a collaboration between UT, PSCC, and ORNL to benefit the many members of the UT community who are affiliated with PSCC and ORNL.  The vice chancellor for research and engagement, Taylor Eighmy, emphasizes that the route will support the steadily growing number of internships, graduate assistantships, and shared faculty between ORNL, the Breseden Center (a joint institute between UT and ORNL), and the Bridge Program with Pellissippi State.

This T route will run every weekday, picking up at the intersection of Cumberland Avenue and James Agee Street to take a round trip to Pellissippi State Community College’s Clayton Performing Arts Center, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Visitor’s Center before returning to UT. Before riding this T, riders are required to present their UT ID or their ORNL badges to ride to PSCC and ORNL respectively.

For more information on this new route, check out the TN Today article. For more information about scheduling and other specifics on the ORNL/PSCC T bus route, click here, and for more information about all the T bus routes, including the real-time tracking system check out Ride the T.

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