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It’s that time again – the POWER Challenge is starting up again.  A UT tradition that dates back to 2005, the Make Orange Green POWER Challenge is a part of UT’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact.  The POWER Challenge is a month-long competition pitting UT residence halls against each other in battle to prove which hall is greenest.  This year it will run from October 5th until October 30th.

POWER stands for Programs OWater, Energy, and Recycling, which is what the challenge focuses on.  Water usage, electricity usage, and recycling totals will be collected from each hall each week.  Halls will then be ranked and scored best to worst per capita.  For example – the hall with the lowest per capita water usage receives 100 points for the week, and the hall with the highest will receive only 10 points.  This goes for each of the three categories.  The better a hall performs, the better they score.

This isn’t the only way a residence can earn points, though.  There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the coming month to win points for your Res Hall – the Res Hall with the most points will not only win bragging rights, but the “Mo Green” Trophy, as well as a TBD prize that your whole hall will be able to take advantage of!

You can earn points for your hall by taking advantage of the Residence Hall programs and Floor programs that your RAs put on, designing educational flyers about environmental issues, pledging to live more sustainably, volunteering your time at a service project, or taking part in environmental campus events, lectures, and tours.  You can learn more about earning points by asking your RA or clicking here. You can submit points by filling out this form.

Stay tuned for scoring updates – they will be posted to the Make Orange Green Facebook and Twitter, right here at the Office of Sustainability’s website, or by asking your RA – they’ll be getting a report card weekly.

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