The Mug Project

UT Facilities Services posts a variety of different videos to their YouTube channel, like awesome shots of demolition on campus, presentations and workshops in their Facilities Fundamentals Series, and handy tips and tricks on a variety of different topics in their DIY Series.

Their latest video features UT Recycling‘s Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Murray talking about reducing our waste by reusing things, which is an awesome tip for UTK students because of The Mug Project – a program that rewards you for using a reusable mug, water bottle, or cup on campus by discounting drinks you can get on campus! You can get a discount of 15% on specialty drinks like lattés and cappuccinos, or be charged a flat rate of 99¢ for drip coffee and fountain beverages.  More than 90% of Volunteer Dining locations participate in the program, including POD Markets, Starbucks, Einstein’s, Quiznos, and Subway.

Save yourself some money and save the world.  For more information on The Mug Project, click here. To check out more videos from Facilities Services, click here.

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