New Public Park in Knoxville

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Knoxville’s Legacy Parks Foundation is in the process of giving their River Bluff property to the City of Knoxville for it to be used as another public park.

Legacy Parks purchased the 70 acre plot of land back in 2009 to preserve it from development. The area rises high above the city, and according to the foundation’s executive director, Carol Evans, “to the west you can see as far as Sequoyah Hills, and to the east, the downtown skyline and even House Mountain in the distance.” The park carries a significant history, as it was home to the Civil War battle of Armstrong Hill. Evans describes the land as “historic and cultural and environmental and recreational, so it’s really a great piece of property,” and she emphasizes that the land has a lot of positive potential for the community as a public park. The City of Knoxville has a plan to add trails throughout the property in order to change it from a good location with a history into a true park for the community to enjoy.

For more information, you can check out the Legacy Parks Foundation’s article.

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