UT places a high priority on water by incorporating sustainable practices in regards to our land management, green building practices and conservation education.


image_PlateWashing_lgRoughly 1.5 gallons of water are used to wash a dining tray. By eliminating trays from all dining locations, UT is able to conserve a great deal of water as well as time and energy.
UT Dining utilizes electrically converted water technology to clean the floors. This technology uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods.
mugproject UT is ‘bringing tap back’ by lowering bottled water consumption and the associated costs on the energy use, and GHG emissions through increasing access and educational outreach. In the fall of 2013, every first-year received a green goody bag which included a refillable water bottle.
Britta Refill Stations are located in several of UT’s buildings as well as two outdoor locations. With support from the TN Clean Water Network, SGA and UT Recycling, UT has made significant strides in decreasing the demand for bottled water on campus by increasing the access to sustainable alternatives.
Tiva Water represents the committment and lasting impact UT students have on campus as well as around the world. The global clean water crisis is an environmental, economic, and social concern to which a small group of UT alumni have created a nonprofit which provides communities with filters and thus access to clean drinking water.
UT students have been inspired by the initiative and continued to support the organization by getting involved, spreading the word, and even raising money through the sale of bowties.
To learn more about Tiva, check out their website here!